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Out Power 600W x 2600W x 4
Out Power900W x 2900W x 4
Out Power(BRIDGE)1200W1200W x 2
Output Circuit TypeClass DClass D
Input Impedance20KΩ
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
THD 20Hz~20KHz(8Ω )0.1%
Slew Rate 40V/usec
Hum and Noise 103dB
Damp Modulus>400
Radiator High/Low Automatism Cortrol
Sateguard DC Safeguard/out Overloading/Chancroid Sgartup/Boot-Strap Short Test
 Weight (kg)   2.5 Kg3.0 Kg
Dimension  (mm) 480 x 189.5 x 64 (1.5U)480 x 220 x 64 (1.5U)
Power Range (115V/230V) Can offer different voltage according client’s requirement.
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