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Taiwan Carol

Greatness grows from passion and dedication. From our humble workshop beginnings in 1975, to today’s robust global enterprise, Carol has unremittingly pursued sound innovation for going on 40 years. Devoted to exploring the soul of technology, we at Carol put research to use to imbue our products with emotion and warmth for a richly layered audio experience, empowering you to maximize life’s most moving moments. Our dedication to bringing science to life has established us as a worldwide industry leader.

At Carol, your performance is our top priority. We endeavor to deliver the highest quality products, overseeing every stage of development from research to production so we can guarantee reliable, innovative audio equipment. Constantly striving to improve your audio experience, we employ the finest sound technology so you can confidently take the stage.

In the past four decades, Carol has witnessed audio trends come and go, but our commitment to providing superb equipment is an assured constant. Resonating with all the creativity and enthusiasm of the world around us, we aim to bring you the tools you need to convey the stirring beauty of your full expression.

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