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Inputs1/4″ mono jack connector (Top hot, sleeve ground) or 3-pin XLR connector (pin 2 hot, pins 1-3 ground, unbalanced parallel link output 1/4″ jack connector for feeding to other equipment or via buffer amplifier
AttenuatorAt 0dB / At 20dB
Impedance1M Ohm / 47K Ohm
Max. Input Level+13dB / +33dB
Outputs3-pin connector, transformer balanced output, will drive lines from 600ohm upwards. Maximum output level clip greater than +6dBu with battery or Phantom supply.
Frequency Response10Hz to 30KHz, ±1dB
Noise-108dBu “unweighted”
THDLess than 0.02% a 1KHz, 0dBu Output
“Phantom Power” power requeriments+20V DC to +48V DC
Current Drain“Phantom power” less than 8mA, Battery less than 2mA
Dimensions130 x 127 x 45mm
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